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Artists Brenda Cruz-Wolf and Daniela Antelo have collaborated together for the last few years on various site-specific performances, creating experimental dance films and installations in Houston, Texas. We each bring the strength of our individual practices together by merging experimental movement/performance with video production and editing. We always aim to use the raw elements of each site to produce a piece that represents our ideas about the body and space, submerging the viewer into the physical realm of abstract movement and eliminate the boundaries between viewer and space.

I’m Daniela. I am an artist and realtor living and working in Houston, TX.

I enjoy so many things. Eating, dancing, laughing, making random things, traveling, art, selling houses, serious and not so serious conversations, good coffee, amusing myself with tiny Japanese dollar store thingies, reading, playing my guitar, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera. Absolutely.

My aim is to document the way I see my reality through art. Mostly through performance and installation work, but really I have no set medium. I repeatedly collaborate with other Houston artists, including Clay Zapalac and Brenda Cruz-Wolf in the creation of most works.

You can see more personal work at:


I’m Brenda. I’m a freelance videographer/editor and photographer based out of Houston, TX. I’m a one-woman team, I shoot, produce and edit short form content for various non-profits and artists in and around Houston.

My art on the other hand is about creating abstract narratives and experimental videos. I love telling stories through images even if they turn weird. I enjoy collaborating and will continue on this path of controlled destruction. My aesthetic approach comes from influences in contemporary experimental film and video practices, street photography and  Texas palm trees.

You can see more personal work at: