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Perfect Tear, 2018 is a site specific experimental dance film. This film showcases the process of creating a site specific performance from beginning to end. Shot in Midtown Park in Houston, TX

Performed by: Daniela Antelo, Nadia Dosal, Maria Cristina Henning, Kate Rash, and Lysette Portano.

This film was made possible through the Midtown Houston Cultural and Entertainment Art Grant.


Blue Sunday Texture, 2018 is an experimental dance film. A nostalgic film transformed into a longing for play and childhood memories.

Performed by: Daniela Antelo + Monica Martens

Screened as part of the the Houston Fringe Festival (2018)


Friends Forever Again, 2018 is a three-minute experimental dance film about friendships from a different perspective. This film was part of the Rec Room Residency Show in Houston, TX

Performed by Daniela Antelo, Christina Maley, & Kate Rash

Screened as part of the Extremely Shorts Film Festival at Aurora Picture Show (2018)



Friends Forever, 2017 is a one-minute experimental dance film about friendships.

Performed by Daniela Antelo & Christina Maley.

Screened as part of the  Ork Kota Platform, Budapest Hungary (2018)


Red, 2017 is a site-specific experimental video dance shot in Houston TX. Focusing on the changing urban landscape in Houston, this film extenuates the history of the old and the new all in one place.

Screened as part of the Flatland Film Festival, Lubbock (2018), Frame X Frame Dance Film Festival, Houston (2018)


Thank You for your Time, 2017  is an experimental dance film that uses the body to connect to humor and texture with movement in a visually aesthetic environment. This film is Part 1 of a current ongoing series.

Performed by Daniela Antelo & Trey Duvall

This short has been screened at The Senorita Cinema Film Festival, Houston TX (2017) and the Moving Body Platform Video Screening, Varna Bulgaria (2017)


Re-Use, 2017 transcends memories of life, location and body, inn this site-specific experimental film shot in Houston TX. The body becomes the metaphysical placement for the past.


Intersections Project, 2017 is a site-specific video performance in collaboration with multimedia artist Aaron Bielish . This project is supported by a Touring and Neighborhood Arts grant from the Houston Arts Alliance and the Texas Commission on the Arts, in collaboration with Lone Star College-Kingwood Fine Art Gallery and the Houston Composers Salon

Piano : Hsin-Jung Tsai
Installation: Aaron Bielish


Better On the Outside, 2017 is an experimental dance film.

Performed by Daniela Antelo & Christina Maley



Tangled, 2016 is a site-specific experimental performance video consisting of a circular choreography that develops with the restrictions of fabric strips. Using Houston as a stage, each location is a piece of Houston that has been abandoned. This video is based on aesthetics, site-specificity and restrictions to create a movement piece that is both abstract and visceral through the medium of video.

Performed by Christina Maley & Daniela Antelo.

This piece was included in the Houston Fringe Festival 2016 program.


Gentrified Sundays, 2016 is a documentation of a performance by Daniela Antelo and Clay Zapalac. Based in Houston, the performance signifies a change in gentrification within the city limits. This performance highlights how the a younger generation is inheriting the culture left by the old and the old abandoned homes left to tell the history of the city.



FOUND, 2015 is an experimental short film that focuses on two different relationships -the body in a site-specific location, and the body with objects from this specific site. This short film creates a continuous search which manifests into a personal desperation. What is lost and what is found is the question.

This short film has been screened at the Third Coast Dance Film Festival, Houston Texas (2016) winning a Best of Festival Award, The Athens Video Dance Project, Athens Greece (2017) and the Veladas de Cine y Danza,  Concepcion Chile (2017)



Pool of Sound by Lina Dib, 2015

In collaboration with Mulitmedia artist Lina Dib, “Pool of Sound is an interactive two channel sound installation. As visitors walk through the dynamic space, they push the sound of water with their bodies. The enchanted zone literally becomes a pool of sound where sound becomes substance, and along with water, it becomes something to be physically and playfully encountered. Within this installation, sound becomes more palpable as does our relationship to resources and to our environment. Sound, water and movement are made (in)to matter. The more one moves, the louder and stronger the sound of water. The viewers’ bodies leave no traces except those of the sound waves created by their presence.” (


The Bridge, 2015 is a site specific experimental performance and video allowing the viewer to be completely immerse inside the architecture of the silo space.  As the body moves, a bridge begins to build between the histories of the silo and a human element. The body tells the story of the the worn down space in relation to the marks and scars on the body. The bridge connects the space and the body through its energy, texture and rawness.

This piece was part of the SITE HOUSTON Exhibit at the Silos at Sawyer, 2015