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Led by Brenda Cruz-Wolf & Daniela Antelo

Screen-Dance is a weekend-long intensive video dance workshop exploring site-responsive experimentation through the interdisciplinary process of mixing body movement and film together in Houston.

Led by the Las Girls Collective, Brenda Cruz-Wolf and Daniela Antelo, the participants will collaborate to create work in an immersive environment in various Houston locations as the urban landscape for movement and filmmaking. This workshop will be open to all community members- ranging from filmmakers, choreographers, dancers, visual artists or anyone interested in the art of collaboration.

The workshop will include:

  •      Introduction of screen dance, watching and examining contemporary films and talking through what makes screen dance successful.
  •      Exploring and encouraging a dialogue about what motivates and inspires us as makers, artists and creatives.
  •      Encourage participants to talk about their lives, creative experiences and practices as a tool to fuel art-making.
  •      Discuss different approaches to structuring a work.
  •      Engaging in a free-flow of ideas and what ‘feels right’ in movement, choreography and filmmaking.

The emphasis of this workshop will be to create a visual story on film, based on the experiences and responses of site-specific performances.  The versatility of video allows to reach a vast range of audiences, putting Houston and Houston artists at high exposure. Our goal as a collaborative is to introduce screen-dance as another facet of interdisciplinary arts within Houston. We want to share our passion and bring forth new ideas about collaborative art making.

Dates: May 25th – May 27th, 2018

  • As a participant, you will have to commit to one full day (Friday, Saturday, Sunday). You are welcomed to participate in more than one day.
  • All participants will play a role in all aspects of movement and filmmaking. This includes using video equipment, playing with props, using your body in various forms, and allowing a free-flow of ideas with other participants.
  • NO EXPERIENCE IS NECESSARY. All participants will be guided in both video and movement/choreography.
  • ALL DISCIPLINES ARE WELCOMED. We welcome participants of all art backgrounds, no art background needed. All you need is an open mind for interdisciplinary work.
  • LUNCH WILL BE PROVIDED. This includes water, snacks and lunch.
  • IF YOU HAVE A DIGITAL CAMERA, BRING IT. Everyone should be prepared to shoot video. We will have a couple of cameras available but would rather have everyone use their own equipment. All video files will be collected at the end of the workshop.
  • Friday May 25th, 2018 / 10am-3pm
  • Aurora Picture Show : 2442 Bartlett st. Houston TX 77098
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    • 10am-11am / Watch films and talk about video dance in all aspects.
    • 11-12pm / Group Workshop, work on ideas, movements, etc..
    • 12pm-1pm / Lunch
    • 1pm-3pm /Shoot at various locations throughout Houston
  • Saturday May 26th / 10am-5pm
  • Summer St. Studios : 2500 Summer st. Houston TX 77002
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    • 10am-1130am / Watch films and talk about video dance in all aspects.
    • 1130-1pm / Group Workshop, work on ideas, movements, etc..
    • 1pm-2pm / Lunch
    • 2pm-5pm /Shoot at various locations throughout Houston


  • Sunday May 27th, 2018 / 10am-3pm
  • Rec Room : 100 Jackson St. #103c Houston TX 77003
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    • 10am-11am / Watch films and talk about video dance in all aspects.
    • 11-12pm / Group Workshop, work on ideas, movements, etc..
    • 12pm-1pm / Lunch / East End Esplanade: 2600 Navigation Blvd, Houston, TX 77003
    • 1pm-3pm /Shoot at various locations throughout Houston